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Island Haven Tea Towel

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We are very proud to have been asked if we could sell The Island Haven Tea Towel for them on our website. If you have visited Scilly or want to help support our community then we would love it if you would add one (or more) of these to your basket.

When islanders or visitors require medical care on the mainland, they may need a place to stay during prolonged outpatient treatment, or their family, friends, or carer may need a place to stay to accompany them.

The need for islanders to pay for hotels, guesthouses or B&B accommodation impacts family life, finances and general wellbeing at a time when stability is needed most. In any case, during Cornwall’s main tourist season, accommodation can be impossible to find.

For some islanders, this has meant extended stays in costly guest accommodation, lengthy time on friends’ sofas, or even the prospect of not being able to be by their loved ones’ side when they need it most.

Island Haven will fundraise to acquire and equip a property on the mainland that can be a “home from home” for islanders, providing much-needed accommodation.

For more information about the Island Haven click here 

All money from the sale of these tea towels will go directly to the Island Haven(excluding P&P), the tea towels are 100% cotton.